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All About Consuming Anadrol – A few Important Pointers

ANDROLE is the new mean steroid which has hit the market. It is said to have the least amount of risk compared to other steroids available in the markets today. ANDROLE is claimed to be a legal steroid and said to give the bodybuilders the strength and bulk. The manufacturers have gone on to say that it a reliable drug to start off on your bulking cycle.

Points to keep in mind before the consumption of ANDROLE

  • It is first and foremost very important to get a thorough body check up especially the liver functioning before and during the consumption of this steroid. ANDROLE is said to be toxic to the liver and if not used properly it may very bad effects on the liver.
  • It is better that people with medical conditions of the heart, liver, kidney etc. should not risk taking this drug. Persons with allergies, auto immune diseases and chronic diseases should be not allowed to take this steroid. In all the above cases the patient may have adverse effects or it may even prove fatal.
  • The tolerance levels of people vary and it is best that not that a dosage say veteran in bodybuilding is consuming cannot applied by a beginner. So the right dosage which is taken under the guidance of a medical professional at all times should be advised.
  • The right amount of food and diet with water or fluid intake per meal of the day for the number of days the steroid is to be taken has be observed under a trainer.
  • The kind of exercises that have to be done to give the maximum benefit of consuming the steroid and keeping the body the perfect shape too has to be scheduled as a dedicated workout with the intake of ANDROLE will only give you the results you so desired.

If not used properly than it has had serious impact on the liver and other body organs which are irreversible.

If consumed by persons who haven’t reached puberty then it is advisable that the take x-rays regularly in a six month period gap to check on the bone development of the individual and also the effect it has on the epiphyseal centres.


Anadrole is a legal alternative to several drugs. By consuming ANDROLE, the user has seen significant enhancement in his strength, muscle growth and size. The endurance levels are significantly increased and optimum energy is guaranteed with less recovery time for the muscles after the strenuous workouts undertaken. This steroid does not need the doctor’s prescription and considered perfectly legal so this is an added advantage compared to all the steroids which are either banned or controlled across many countries making the users find ways to procure them and not get caught while buying them without prescription.

This steroid gives you a head start to your bulking schedule with the user consuming it before the onslaught of the steroid cycle. The results have been astounding!