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All You Need To Know About Can Am Spyder F3 Limited and Its Amazing Features

The launch of Can Am F3 cruiser has surely created quite a buzz among all the Spyder lovers. Well, you too are surely very excited to know every bit of information and review about it, right? What features are included in it and how it stands out among others? Read on to know everything about it!

Top features of Can Am Spyder F3 Limited

Spyder is quite popular for its quick and easy handling at speed, ultra-short stopping distances, as well as easiest parking lot maneuvering. The dynamic power steering, wide tires, and combined triple disc brakes are indeed the top features that make it unique.

The vehicle stability system featured in F3-S model is one of the most exciting innovations that make it very much desirable and appealing. It comes with comfort reigns on Spyder F3, good wind protection, recliner-like seating, and large lumber support. Well, what else would you ask for?

Can Am Spyder F3 Limited Review

The overall suspension of this model is firm without being harsh. The saddlebags aren’t large too and the audio system cranks in a positive way. The passenger accommodations are comfy and plush and it has 70-plus pound sensors. They reside under pillion seats and tell VSS that the passenger is aboard so that it can adjust accordingly.

The valves in it never require any kind of adjusting. So, when it comes to its maintenance, it includes mostly oil changes as well as infrequent belt replacements. Despite having the size and construction like a car, this model is calibrated to uniquely designed tires.

You can easily get the accessories including taller and shorter windscreen, front cargo bag, and passenger backrest. This model offers a great fun to riders for whom the motorcycles are not an option. With its high performance, convenience, safety, two years warranty, and great handling, Spyder Sherbrooke is here to stay on top!

2016 Can Am Spyder F3 Limited


  • Type – Transverse in-line triple, liquid cooled
  • Compression Ratio – 12:1
  • Fuel Delivery -Electronic Fuel Injection
  • Final Drive – Belt

  • Lubrication system – Wet sump


  • Estimated Range – 226 miles
  • Fuel capacity – 7.1 gals
  • Indicated RPM (at 60 MPH) – 3,500

The latest F3 Limited has been one of the best reviewed and popular models of Can Am Spyders range. Its performance, stability, power, and comfort makes it just the right choice for the one seeking a snowballing experience while on a ride!