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Redefining What’s Possible: What Campers Can Expect at Camp Barnabas

Families who have children with special needs may not always be able to find activities for their kids to participate in during the summer. Camp Barnabas is dedicated to changing this so kids with special needs can have fun-filled summers with activities that put smiles on their faces. If this is something you’d like for your own child, then you can learn about what campers can expect during their trip below.

  1. Individual Attention

Every camper that attends will have a dedicated volunteer who stays with them for the duration of their stay. However, the policy at camp ensures that no child will be left alone with only their volunteer or staffer, to ensure the safety of everyone around. With this type of personalized care, each child receives emotional support as well as the help they need to take part in each activity available.

  1. Medical Care

This camp is equipped with a medical facility that houses nurses and doctors to help campers at any time. Medications can be packed so children are never without the medicines they need to remain in good health. If kids need help taking medications, the staff is always available to make sure they are taken care of.

  1. Fun Activities

At this camp, the focus is on making every activity an option for children who have special needs. Special equipment and setups are always available to ensure each and every camper has an experience they won’t forget. This can include basketball, swimming, ropes courses, zip lines, archery, and so much more. For added safety, volunteers and staff always stay with each camper to address their individual needs.

  1. Comfortable Accommodations

There are many different types of cabins available for campers to choose from, depending on their budget and individual preferences. Volunteers will help each individual get comfortable so they can enjoy a good night’s rest before another day of fun activities.

  1. Volunteers Who Have a Passion for Helping Others

The volunteers at this camp genuinely enjoy helping people and working with children of all ages. From counselors to cabin parents and the medical team, each individual is chosen based on their qualifications and heart for helping others. They help ensure each child has a great experience from the moment they step foot in camp.

  1. Attention to Safety

Safety is one of the main priorities in camp, as each child should be give the opportunity to have fun without risk. For this reason, medical care is available 24/7, there are emergency procedures set in place, and staff is always trained in the best methods of safety for activities and situations that may arise. This camp also limits the number of peanut products in the event that a camper has allergies.

A New Summer Tradition

For children who have special needs, summer doesn’t have to be boring. By going to a new camp, fun activities and new experiences are never out of reach. This can bring joy to families and give children a sense of independence that gives them a new outlook on life.