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The Benefits of Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is an ideal system for storing different types of items that are unusually shaped. This type of racking system is typically designed for thinner and longer items like steel and timber. Although cantilever racking can be a considerable investment and requires a bit of forward planning, it has the potential to significantly improve the productivity of your warehouse. This is because cantilever racking enables you to effectively utilise your space and make room for other things that matter to your business. If you’re wondering if a cantilever rack system isappropriate for your business, read on to find out three benefits of cantilever racking.

Ability to Store Hard to Shelve Items

Cantilever racking allows for the storage of longer and thinner items that may be hard to place on standardshelves. This includes steel, beams, lumber and pre-packed furniture. While these pieces are traditionally difficult to store, cantilever racking makes storagemuch easier. A cantilever rack consists of a base which anchors the entire unit to the ground and binds the unit upwards, keeping it in place. There’s also an upright column which links the base and has holes that the racks are connected to. The decking shelves your inventory and keeps tall and skinny items off the floor.


The open design of cantilever racking allows for easy access to items stored on the shelves. This means you can place items more carefully and retrieve them without any damage. Cantilever racking also enables you to store specific items without worrying about them becoming buried behind other pallets of items you don’t need immediately.

Money and Time Savings

Cantilever racking can help you save both time and money. The design allows for easier item storage and handling, enabling workers to find parts they need more quickly and load them onto the shelves more easily than with other types of racks. This helps to make your business operations more effective.