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Top books you can study from for SAT 2018

With the New Year, come redefined goals and resolutions. For those who are reading this article, you must be adamant about cracking the SAT 2018 and achieve a distinguishable score. An excellent performance in the SAT examination will pave the way for an undergraduate course at a prestigious institution in the USA. In order to clear SAT, you should have a predefined plan that encompasses all the parameters necessary for SAT preparation.

Here, we have discussed some of the best books for SAT preparation available in the market. Now, before you start your preparation, you should be aware of the components that will be asked in the examination. You should have an excellent command over these subjects:

  • English Language for Reading, Writing, and Language skills
  • Mathematics for solving questions with and without calculator
  • In case you have opted for subject tests, you need to study for those particular subjects

Check out the list of top books suitable for SAT 2018 preparation:

The Official SAT Study Guide – The College Board

This is the official guide on SAT preparation published by the organization responsible for conducting the SAT examination. The book contains following portions for an overall preparation:

  • 8 official practice sets exactly in the same format as asked for the exam
  • For Math and Evidence-based Reading and Writing sections, there are detailed descriptions, questions and answers, and well-defined solutions
  • The authors have emphasized on each type of question asked in the exam
  • Includes essay questions, along with the solutions

Cracking the SAT Premium 2018 Edition – The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review has done a commendable job with respect to the SAT preparation book. This guide covers all the sections in detail and assists aspirants in a profound manner. Along with the guide, you can access official material of The Princeton Review online portal in the form of video lectures and practice questions.

  • Every section, i.e., Math, Reading, Writing and Language, and Essay, has been defined in an elaborate manner
  • There are multiple practice questions in each section
  • There are 7 practice sets available in the same official format

SAT Prep 2018 – KAPLAN

Kaplan adopts a well-researched and result-oriented approach while developing the preparation guide for SAT 2018. The book contains unique questions and techniques that will aid in solving the questions in the quickest time.

  • Every section has been explained in detail in dedicated chapters
  • There are more than 700 practice questions covering all the sections of SAT
  • Two full-length tests available, one offline in the book and another in the online format
  • In the online test, your performance will be analyzed and evaluated with detailed emphasis
  • Kaplan’s SmartPoints system assists you in identifying your level of preparation

McGraw-Hill Education SAT 2018 – McGraw Hill Publication

McGraw-Hill is a renowned publisher known for its unique and effective approach. The SAT Guide is a perfect amalgam of chapters, practice questions, and full-length tests for an overall preparation.

  • 6 full-length tests – 4 offline tests and 2 online tests
  • Hundreds of questions pertaining to every section of the examination
  • Correct answers and detailed analysis of all the questions and answers
  • A Test Planner app that assists you in organizing your study time


Organize your study schedule, purchase any one of these books, and start preparing diligently for the SAT Test 2018. In addition to clearing concepts, practice numerous online mock tests for a fool proof preparation.